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Caleb Fairfeild | 27 | Spanish teacher | Cosmo | Fairly Odd Parents | FC: Jeremy Renner | OPEN

It’s a wonder how Caleb managed to make it through school, let alone college. And then to become a teacher? Caleb was especially gifted in the foreign language, Spanish. So he became a Spanish teacher. That’s pretty much the only thing he can do. He’s not the brightest light bulb in the chandelier. He has no filter whatsoever, so if he insults you, he doesn’t realize it. So, let it pass. Deep down, he’s a real sweetheart. He likes unusual things for a 27 year old man, he’s certainly never been the most mature out of all of his older friends. While they were off having kids and families, he was still living the bachelor life. Until he met Wanda, his soulmate and the love of his life.From then on they were the unstoppable duo, tending to their god child, Timmy and own child, Peter, with equal love. They even encourage the local neighbor boy, an affectionate child of one of Caleb’s friends, Nickle.

Caleb takes each day one minute at a time, never not finding something to be happy about.

In the cartoon world he’s Cosmo, father and godfather of Poof and Timmy.

Courtney Blanchard | 16 | Sophomore | Courtney | As Told By Ginger | FC: Taylor Swift | OPEN

Courtney Blanchard is your typical blonde. She’s not very bright and extremely ditzy, but she’s one of the kindest and most generous people you could ever meet. Born into a high class family in Nicktown, she’s always been interested as to how things worked for people who were in the middle class. How did they live without servants? How did that vacuum machine operate? Did they actually do things for themselves? All of these questions intrigued her. But her friends didn’t share this interest. So, it was no surprise that when she became friends with Lexi, her friends didn’t approve. Lexi wasn’t of the same status as them, why would they be friends with her? Courtney didn’t care though. She liked seeing how Lexi would survive if put in an all-popular kids setting. To her surprise, she could manage. Courtney then became increasingly close to Lexi, which caused her best friend Miranda to get jealous.

In the Cartoon World she is Courtney, the most popular girl at Lucky Jr. High.

Wynette Perrywinkle | 27 |  Pub owner and Bartender | Wanda | Fairly Odd Parents | FC: Scarlett Johansson | OPEN

Wynette had always wanted to be something big. Ever since she was a child, she wanted to do something that nobody else would think of. At the age of twenty-two, long after she’d finished high school, she still didn’t really know what it was she wanted to do, but she moved out of her parents’ house. Needing a job, she became a bartender at the pub Andy’s, later buying the pub itself. She’s one of the most compassionate people in all of Nicktown, and everybody seems to get on with her. She’s bubbly and enthusiatic, flirtatious and sweet.

In the cartoon world, Wynette is Wanda Fairywinkle, fairy godmother to Timmy Turner.

Valerie Gray  | 17 | Junior | Valerie | Danny Phantom | FC: Victoria Justice | OPEN

Valerie Gray and Danny Phenton have two things in common: they can both see ghosts and are unaware that the other shares their ability. However, unlike Danny, Valerie hates the ghosts she can see and wishes more than anything in the world to be normal. She constantly lives in anxiety of people finding out her secret. Being a rich and popular girl at school, she doesn’t want anyone to find out about her sixth sense for fear of ruining her reputation. Because of this stress, she can be stubborn, mean, and very defensive. But can you blame her?

In the Cartoon World she is Valerie Gray, the other ghost hunter.

Trevor Turner | 17 | Junior | Timmy Turner | Fairly Odd Parents | FC: David Henrie | OPEN

Trevor Turner is the average kid that no one understands. His parents are neglectful of him, so much so that Social Services took him away from them when he was just ten years old. Under the custody of his godparents, they usually grant him anything he wants, no matter how extreme or selfish his requests can be. Proud, arrogant, and cocky his confidence usually masks his parent-related insecurities. Little does he know his parents got sucked into the Pixies schemes and could potentially be in grave danger.

Trevor is never one to follow the rules. He doesn’t like school and would rather skip out, if only his godfather wasn’t a teacher there. A wild imagination combined with a carefree attitude, his main goal in life is to have fun. Carpe diem! Live life to the fullest! Never grow up! Those are some of his mottos. He’s also quick to make decisions and doesn’t bother thinking them over. Which might cause him to find himself in some troublesome situations. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be the one to uncover the truth. If he’s not too busy trying to impress his crush, Trixie, that is.

In the Cartoon World he is Timmy Turner, the boy with the fairy godparents.

Chase Skyler | 20 | Student at Nicktown College | Chip Skylark | The Fairly OddParents | FC: Joey Richter | OPEN

Chase Skyler is a popular singer that’s very well known around town and has many adoring fans, mostly among girls. He comes from a long line of great performers. In fact, his grandfather was most known for his big hit “Icky Vicky” in the late fifties. Most people assume he’s filthy rich, he is a “star” after all but that is far from the case. In reality, he’s dirt poor and barely scraping by. But he never complains. He’s humble, kind and quite award at times but in the cute boyish charming sort of way. He’s also proven to have the shiniest teeth the world’s ever seen and he’s proud of it.

In the Cartoon World he is Chip Skylark, the famous pop star with the shiny teeth.

Alec Tucker | 17 | Junior | Tucker | Danny Phantom |FC:  Leon Thomas III  | OPEN

Alec Tucker is the quirky best friend to Danny and Sarah. He loves listening and playing a variety of music. He’s funny, outgoing and a very relaxed laid back person. He’s a good kid, never usually skipping or handling drugs. He wants to make something of himself in the future and finds no purpose in any of those silly things. Alec is always looking out for his friends and what’s in their best interest. Alec is pretty gentleman like, but he can tend to get out of hand with his flirting when he see’s a pretty face. Alec is a genuine friend and doesn’t have any problems in Nick town. He’s a brilliant kid, and is one of those few rare kids that actually manages to get good grades in Mr.Crocker’s class. He’s sweet and funny and loves messing around. Alec is unusually the one to lighten up the mood with a quirky joke. Yes, Alec is extremely quirky and at times a cueless goober.  He loves having a good time and kicking it back.

In the Cartoon world he plays Tucker, Danny Phantom and Sams best friend. 

Lawrence Lauries | 21 | Senior at Nicktown University | Larry the Lobster | Spongebob | FC: Chris Hemsworth | OPEN

Aspiring to be a professional body builder, Lawrence puts all of his work into his appearance and body. Why? Just because he can. He is certainly not a rocket scientist. Lawrence, Larry for short, is actually your typical douchebag. He parties, thinks he can get all the girls he wants, and gets by on his looks. He needs a serious attitude adjustment that no one can give him. Sometimes, he looks at a girl and wonders if maybe they’ll spend more than one night together. Deep down, he longs to find someone who will put up with his selfish demeanor, but he thinks it’s impossible to find someone like that. 

George Von Strangle | 23 | Private in the army | Jorgen Von Strangle | Fairly Odd Parents | FC: Chris Evans | OPEN

George’s life is the Army and his main goal is to lead it to victory… if he can manage to leave Nicktown. Growing up, he was a military brat. His mother was in the Navy, his father, the Army. George’s goal is to follow in his father’s footsteps. He is a natural born leader and was the quarterback while he attended Nicktown High School. He might not have had the best grades, but he got a four year scholarship to Nicktown University. Now out, he has enlisted in the Army. Though he may seem like an all around tough guy, deep down, George is a sweetheart and shows it quite often. He enjoys baking and taking care of animals and sometimes, he can even be a goofball.

In the cartoon world, George is Jorgen Von Strangle, leader of Fairy World in the Fairly Odd Parents.